It is the Mission Policy of Midwestern Electric, Inc to provide a safe work environment for its employees and customers.

To achieve our mission policy, MWE offers integrity, honesty and years of experience. The MWE Safety Program begins with a review of each project before any work begins, and then daily reviews are done until the project is completed. The MWE Safety Team puts safe measures in place to ensure all employees can identify any potential hazard.

MWE brings a sense of confidence and assurance that your project will be completed safely, efficiently and on schedule and placing the utmost importance on safety.

MWE only uses highly trained and experienced union labor and strictly follows the guidelines set forth by OSHA. MWE is proud of its reputation in the construction and maintenance field for both safety and quality of work. All of the employees at MWE work together to constantly improve our standards, quality and safety. MWE holds monthly safety meetings and daily "tool box talks" with their employees to ensure safe measures and procedures are always in place.

All MWE employees share equally in the responsibility of recognizing safety hazards. That way we can eliminate any hazards to any employee or the public.

Midwestern Electric, Inc. is totally committed to reduce accidents, and believes ZERO accidents can be achieved through education, hard work and an eye for detail.

Midwestern Electric, Inc. is your complete solution contractor. Call us and share a sense of confidence that experience creates.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration